Posted: November 26th, 2015

Statistics analysis project

Your third project is to relook at the data from the first project. In the first project you were to compare one single characteristic of the dataset and to compare and contrast the data using techniques of Descriptive Statistics. In your third project, you are to use formal hypothesis testing to determine if the mean of the characteristic of the population from which your data was sampled from is the same as the mean of the characteristic of the data of the population in which the other student’s data was drawn from. You are encouraged to include a table and/or graph from your first project that is directly related to this analysis. Please include your MegaStat output of the Statistical Analysis. Please do not include any formulas related to the analysis. State in easy to understand English the conclusions of the analysis. Please use everyday language. Please do not use any statistical jargon.

For example, if the data had included the number of windows each house contained, then you would be testing if the mean number of windows in houses in zip code xxxxx was the same as the mean number of windows in zip code yyyyy. You could include either side-by-side histograms, dot plots, box and whisker diagrams, stem and leaf plots that would support your analysis. I suggest no more than one or two diagram(s)/graphic(s) be included. The idea is you would not be creating new diagrams, but copying a diagram or two (one for each sample) from your first project.

Your entire analysis should easily fit on one page or two pages AT MOST! You should start with an introductory paragraph stating what you are going to analyze. Include your graphic and your statistical analysis from MegaStat. You should then have an explanatory concluding paragraph.

Do NOT include a paragraph on why you choose your graphic. Do NOT include a paragraph on why you chose the statistical techniques you chose. Do NOT state why the graphic or MegaStat output supports your conclusion in technical terms.

You must hand in your Excel Spreadsheet which should have your data, your graphics, and your MegaStat output. You must hand in your Word document. Your word document will have the two paragraphs, the graphics and the MegaStat output

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