Posted: April 26th, 2016

What specific qualities do you have to offer?

Our first discussion this week prepared you for your essay assignment. For your essay in this class, you will reflect and respond to this question:

Bronson says, “We are all writing the story of our own life. It’s not a story of conquest. It’s a story of discovery. Through trial and error, we learn what gifts we have to offer the world and are pushed to greater recognition about what we really need.” Describe some of the “gifts you have to offer the world” and some of the “things you really need.”

You will work through a multiple-draft process on this paper, so let’s begin working on your response to Bronson’s ideas.

Earlier in this class, you learned about idea maps and outlines. This week, create your own idea map or outline of your essay. Think about the quotation from Bronson, then outline the qualities you have and what you really need.
Remember to include details in your outline.

What specific qualities do you have to offer?
What, specifically, do you need in order to feel that you’ve lived a good life?

Write a thesis statement that encapsulates your thoughts about what qualities you bring to the world and what you really need in your life. Put your thesis at the top of your idea map.
Organize your thoughts through the idea mapping process. Post your idea map here early in the week for comments and thoughts.

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