Posted: November 27th, 2015



Reread your original essay. What sociological concepts and/or theories explain the forces that have shaped your life thus far? (750-1000 words)
This is the original essay:

“What would my story have been?”

I have been living in my own world for the last 22 years. I have always had a great imagination and I create different scenarios of how my life would have been in different circumstances. I have been escaping reality or trying to see the silver lining to all the adversity I have experience in my life. What if I wasn’t Cuban and I was born in France? What if I have had any special talent? What if I was never sexually assaulted? Would I have been different or would my most important traits be the same?

I was born in Cuba in December 1993, in the same year the country was going through their worst economic period. I grew up surrounded by family and strangers that used to eat to a restaurant inside my house, I think that is what made me outgoing but a little bit shy at heart. I was blessed with a good financial situation in a time of poverty but the price was not having the attention of my family, but since I look for the silver lining in life, this made me independent. I never had someone to play so my best company was myself.

School was my number one priority after listening to my parents repeat again and again their expectations of me. I try my best and let book absorb me as I crave knowledge and experience. I hope to be one of those old ladies that knows a little bit of every topic and owns a library from novels to biographies. I always have believe that if I had the money I would pursued degrees after degree while traveling other counties and experiencing new cultures.

People refer to me as a broken doll.  A somewhat pretty girl that never, or to be more precise, rarely smiles. I had a summer when I was sixteen that I decided to act older than I really was.  Through lies, I started to go to clubs and parties that were not appropriated for me. One day, I lied to my family and was leaving for a party. I was the victim of sexual assault in my doorstep. I prefer to call myself a survivor, I guess I have tried, once again, to see that silver lining in the worst experience I have ever had.

A year after that I decided to leave. I moved to Miami to live with my dad. A new country, a chance to be whoever I wanted. I have been four years in this country and I have accomplish most of my dreams. My next milestone will be graduating next summer and starting law school. My life is why I choose psychology. I have a lot of question and I want answers.

I can’t help but wonder how different would I have been if any of my most important experiences if life would have been alter. Would I be more shy or maybe more outgoing? Would I still like school or would I have been an entrepreneur? What would my story have been?


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