Posted: August 5th, 2015

Social Representation Theory Presentation

•Provide a brief overview of your scenario.
•Explain social representation theory as it applies to your subject.
•Explain two to four cultural factors influencing your client’s mental and physical health.
•Explain two gender factors influencing your client’s physical and mental health.
•Provide two recommendations that may assist this individual.
•If appropriate, include a multimedia piece from the Internet or the University Library. Possible multimedia pieces include an article, website, blog, video clip, audio clip, television show, book, documentary, or movie
The Scenario 3: Dakota is a 46-year old unmarried Native American male living with his family in New Mexico on the reservation. He is employed part-time as a cashier in the restaurant in a local casino. His family has a positive history for obesity and diabetes. His father died of obesity and diabetes, and his mother is on disability. He is 5’8” and weighs 377 pounds, with a body mass index of 58. He appears to walk with a limp and has difficulty getting out of chairs. His physical activity is minimal. He has had limited contact with health care professionals on the reservation but was diagnosed with diabetes 8 years ago. He does not smoke cigarettes or use alcohol or other drugs, but his diet consists of large quantities of foods high in fats and carbohydrates. He describes himself as “lazy” and a “big eater.” He says he has a good level of social support including his mother, siblings, and many friends. He verbalizes minimal stress, and is somewhat concerned about his health.



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