Posted: September 24th, 2015

Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses in the delivery of services to remote communities via face to face and virtual service models

Skills for regional and remote practices

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Task:     Critically analyse the strengths and weaknesses in the delivery of services to remote communities via face to face and virtual service models.  Identify within each approach the challenges for the human services worker and professional development strategies for improving regional and remote skills.

In considering each approach Domestic Violence services for women in remote and regional Australiahas been selected as the population groups or service needs.

set readings
After the accident: survivors’ perceptions of recovery following road trauma / Louise Harms. – pp.161-174. Source: Australian social work. – v.57, no.2, June 2004.
The diversity of ‘backyard social work’ and lessons from afar / Mel Gray. – pp.361-364.Source: Australian social work. – v.59, no.4, December 2006.
Personal growth towards intercultural competence through an international field education programme / Frank Tesoriero. – pp.126-140. Source: Australian social work. – v.59, no.2, June 2006.
Rural and regional developments in social work higher education / Margaret Alston. – pp.107-121.source: Australian social work. – v.60, no.1, March 2007.
Social work in rural areas: a personal and professional challenge / Rosemary Green. – pp.209-219. Source: Australian social work. – v.56, no.3, September 2003.
Power, status and marginalisation: rural social workers and evidence-based practice in multidisciplinary teams / Angela Murphy and John McDonald. – pp.127-136. Source: Australian social work. – v.57, no.2, 2004.

Northern Territory all hazards emergency management arrangements. – 77 pages. Source: Emergency management and counter disaster arrangement / Department of Health and Families ; WEB address:
Northern Territory emergency recovery management plan. – 36 pages. Source: Emergency recovery coordination / Department of the Chief Minister ; WEB address:
State welfare emergency management support plan (Westplan – Welfare) AL1 Mar03 (Web Version). Pages: 34 pages Source: Department for Community Development, Government of Western Australia – Community Resources Online website.

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