Posted: March 7th, 2016

simulate a voting system using the PIC16F Microcontrollerv

sing Proteus VSM, you are required to simulate a voting system using the PIC16F Microcontroller.

The system has as input 8 switches capturing anonymous votes from 8 individuals as follows

When a switch is closed this indicates a “YES” vote
When a switch is open this indicates a “NO” vote

The output is a set of 3 LEDs (Green , Yellow and Red) which will display as follows:

Green LED turns on if the majority votes “YES”
Yellow LED turns on if there are as many “YES”s as “NO”s.
Red LED turns on if the majority votes “NO”.

Hint: Start by implementing and testing the switches, then the LEDs then write code to count how many switches are on at a given time.

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