Posted: April 20th, 2016

he simple act of asking yourself that question can unlock a rich stock of memorie?

Text: Turkle, S. (2007). The secret power of things we hold dear. New Scientist, 194 (2607), is link for article.–sturkle–www–pdfsforstwebpage–ST_Secret%20power%20of%20things.pdf The publication where Turkle’s article appears throws a challenge at the end:

Each of us has an object-to-think-with: what’s yours? According to Sherry Turkle, the simple act of asking yourself that question can unlock a rich stock of memories, associations and insights into your thought processes that you may not be able to reach any other way. Maybe it’s something you work with or look at every day: the pen your father gave you when you were 18, the palmtop you treated yourself to or the present of a fragile clay horse a dear friend struggled hard not to break on his way back from Zambia.

In your first paper, respond to this challenge. Keep in mind that you will have to first define what Turkle means by an object-to-think-with. In addition to having sentimental value, such objects are companions, sources of inspiration, enablers, and conduits to success. In what ways do they demonstrate the role of emotion in the creative process?

In order to prepare the paper, read the text carefully and locate the passages that are relevant to the assignment. By focusing on these passages and working to analyze and interpret them, you will be able to generate ideas for your paper. Feel free to use relevant personal experiences as well, but do not forget to compare them to the ones described by the author and analyze them in the same way you do the text.

Your paper should be 3 pages (750 words) or longer.

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