Posted: April 20th, 2016

Set one more sales appointment per day??

Salespeople have many demands on their day, with many requirements to meet daily goals and quotas as well as follow up activities. The more sales prospects you can see in a given day the greater your opportunity to have a sale. Therefore, the more people you can see in a day the better.
The long and short of it is that sales performance equates to money. The more effective a sales professional is, the more successful, promotable, and so on, they will be. In this assignment, you will explore ways to improve performance. Think about how you may increase your performance. How will you work smarter, but not harder?
Given the situation, information in your textbook, and additional resources as you feel are necessary, develop a plan to increase your performance and numbers as a salesperson. Here is some additional information that you will need to consider:
Currently you are able to schedule four sales appointments per day that take roughly one hour each. In addition, three hours are used for follow up with customers.
The rest of your time is set for:
Lead generation.
Travel time.
Given this information, you need to find a way to:
Set one more sales appointment per day.
Increase your lead generation and follow ups to build your customer relationships.
You may consider utilizing many different methods or approaches to do this, such as amending processes, time management strategies, using technology, and so on to maximize your eight hour work day.
Your written report can be in Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, or Word, whatever you feel is appropriate. Regardless of the format, make sure that it is prepared so that it could be presented to your boss. This may be around one sheet in Excel, or two to three pages in Word

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