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Every single paragraph has to start with a definition(in your own words) of the word and the words are all have to be in ordering in the ordinal position.
signs:a message or a hint that delivers a concept of understanding to people.

signifier:material from sound,shape


indexical:pointing at something else

iconic:resembles what is signifies

symbolic:shared cultural meaning

myth:a belief of something that is not proven whether it is true or not

connotation:deeper level of meaning

denotation:literal meaning

intertextuality: meaning of an image refers to other pictures

polysemic:having more than one meaning

codes+conventions:shared meaning

technical codes:how image are shot

non verbal codes:words that are not spoken

color codes:meaning behind color

mid shot:medium shot is a camera angle shot from a medium distance.

Length: 1200-1500 words (excluding quotes) Task:

Students must select ONE image from the sample provided on the Website and use a semiological approach to examine how meaning is constructed in this image. Students must also discuss the

20% 25%

ideological implications inherent in the image. Particular attention must be paid to any cultural and technical codes and conventions used to construct meaning.

This will be in essay format (use of dot points etc is not allowed) and will need to be correctly referenced. Evidence of further reading pertaining to the subject material is a paramount requirement.

Planning for the semiotic analysis

The semiotic analysis will apply the concepts and terminology of semiotics. These will be introduced in the lectures and expanded in the tutorials. There will need to be developed an argument about the meaning of the selected image. If there are any difficulties in understanding or applying the concepts or terms, please inform the Tutor and/or the Learning Advisers.

Below are some questions to focus your semiotics analysis and to use as a starting point towards generating an argument.

§? How many characters appear in the image and what are the ages, gender etc §? What is their relevance/importance? Explain how you know this.
§? Who holds the power? Explain how you know this


§? Locate and describe the major signs in the image.
§? Can you find examples of iconic, and indexical and symbolic signs? §? Divide the signs into signifier and signified.
§? Identify the denotative aspects of the image
§? Identify and discuss the connotative aspects of the signs


§? How would you describe the world-view presented by the image? §? Is any particular point-of-view or perspective privileged or valued? §? How is that perspective upheld?

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