Posted: December 14th, 2015


y now you should be familiar with the business simulation and have made two quarters decisions. This assessment requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the performance of your company and undertake a self- evaluation of decisions made.
Using your balanced scorecard, write a brief report to the venture capitalists (lecturer) that addresses the following;
a) Your company performance to date. (450 words)
b) A reflection on the decisions (good/bad) you have made. (450 words)
c) A summary of your learnings to date of running a business. (450 words)
You are required to include a copy of your quarter 2, balanced scorecard in your report.
You are encouraged to research and use appropriate references in regards to learning styles and reflection.
A copy of the marking rubrics is attached.
Academic referencing standards must be adhered to in citing others work and/or applying strategic frameworks.

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