Posted: April 17th, 2016

Would a school without grades be successful?

Should children spend more time watching educational programs?


Should the government protect citizens from false advertising?

Video games

Are some kinds of video games beneficial for young people’s minds?


How much say should the government have about how parents treat their children?


What is the best solution for the problem of our growing prison populations?

Pet ownership

Should it be legally required for pet cats and dogs to be spayed or neutered?

Health insurance

Should health insurance companies be able to deny coverage to patients with pre-existing conditions?


Are professional athletes paid too much?


How much good does recycling really do?

Cosmetic surgery

Should it be legal for children to get plastic surgery?


Do we have a responsibility to protect forests and other natural landscapes for wild animals?


At what age should a teenager be able to get his or her first job?


Are casinos unfairly manipulating gamblers?


What’s the fairest way to tax US citizens?


Would a school without grades be successful?


Are people spending too much money in order to keep up with the latest gadgets?

This assignment does not require that you use APA formatting or citations; however, you should identify any words or ideas you draw from your readings.

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