Posted: January 4th, 2017

What is the role of company ethics in the development of TQM at WonderWash?

TQM and a 90-Day Turnaround Assume that you are to take up the role of the president and CEO of a major corporation in the United States, WonderWash—an electrical appliances manufacturer. You are an experienced senior manager with more than 15 years of varied responsibilities with white goods manufacturing companies. You supervised their manufacturing facilities with a total commitment TQM. Despite being a longtime manufacturer, WonderWash has been losing sales at an increasing rate. The quality and customer service areas are declining too. The company has been run under the same management style for a long time—a traditional approach that has not taken into account any of the changes adopted by other companies to modernize their facilities or utilize any of the concepts that have made them successful. You are expected to turn the situation around within 90 days of your hiring. You have identified the need for TQM and, therefore, are determined to adopt the concept. Where do you begin? How would you introduce TQM first to the board and then to the company? 2. In your introduction, what considerations are important for the presentation? 3. How would you characterize quality in a world-class organization, and how can WonderWash become one? 4. Where was TQM first developed and adopted, and what can WonderWash learnt from the experience? 5. What is the role of company ethics in the development of TQM at WonderWash? 6. How would you explain to company personnel how a quality culture differs from a traditional culture? 7. What role does the customer play in the process of TQM? How is this difference communicated to the employees in general? Submit your project report, in a minimum of 800 words, in a MS Word document, using APA style.

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