Posted: September 15th, 2015

Rocky v Body+Soul

Rocky v Body+Soul

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• Step #1. Brainstorm notes: Which elements of the masterplot do the two movies exhibit? Which elements do each of the movies leave out or contradict? Draw conclusions about these differences, either (a) between the two films, or (b) between the films and the theories. For example, (a) do the differences show something about the society, culture and audiences of the time (Body & Soul 1947, Rocky 1976)? (b) Do the differences or contradictions call into question the theories of the two papers you read?

• Step #2. Don’t handle these questions in a scatter-shot manner. Using your notes, fix on one big issue you really want to address, and develop that into a coherent argument, using examples from both films. Points will be given based on (a) demonstration of strong understanding of theories (0-10 pts), (b) well-developed and argued thesis (0-10 pts), (c) accurate use of supporting examples (0-10 pts), (d) plausible argument (0-10 pts).

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