Posted: April 20th, 2016

Rewriting with Perspective Summary.??

please follow the instructions and the atachements

Your assignment this week asks you to choose your Commentary topic, issue, and angle, and to begin understanding how your own position fits into the larger conversation. To accomplish this overall goal, you’ll need to begin by reviewing viable topics, listening to the conversations surrounding them, and ultimately determining which topic is most fitting for the assignment needs. You’ll then summarize the main ideas within your topic, including the perspectives of others within the conversation. To complete this week’s assignment, please find the Week 5 Topic Selection Prewriting with Perspective Summary in Doc Sharing. Download it for use in recording your responses in paragraph format. Be sure to check Doc Sharing for the Week 5 Assignment Rubric as well.

Once you have completed the prewriting and perspective summary assignment, submit it to the Week 5 Dropbox for grading. Be sure to meet the following requirements.

Use the Week 5 Topic Selection Prewriting with Perspective Summary document to complete this assignment. Write in complete sentences and paragraphs, using correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Use the APA resources below and Chapter 28 in your text to document your sources in APA format as full references

Course Project

This week’s assignment is the first component of the Commentary essay unit. As you complete this assignment, remember that the final Commentary essay (due in Week 7) must include the following requirements:

five full body pages, plus an APA title page and reference page, written in Microsoft Word 2010 (.docx); APA formatting for font, margins, spacing, running heads, page numbers, and in-text citations; a minimum of three academic sources; and a unique angle that takes a set position on a topic that is currently in the news.


Week 5 Topic Selection Prewriting Rubric.xlsx
Week 5 Topic Selection Prewriting with Perspective Summary.docx

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