Posted: May 17th, 2015

Research Report – Research on Asian Business Management System(s) from (an) Asian Country (countries) of your choice

Research Report – Research on Asian Business Management System(s) from (an) Asian Country (countries) of your choice

Project description


Research Report – Research on Asian Business Management System(s) from (an) Asian Country (countries) of your choice
Objective: To encourage the students to study the theory, practice, perspective and implications of an Asian business management system(s).
Description: The outcome of this research project is to conduct a comparative study on Asian business and management systems through literature review that access the student’s research on (a) business management system(s) of (an) Asian country (countries) he/she has chosen.

Part A: Instructions for a Research Project
1.     Select a business management system (s) from (an) Asian country (countries) that you wish to research.
2.     Research the business management system(s) using research report’s published in academic journals, published ethnographies, interviews, encyclopedias, and other published materials. A minimum of eight sources should be used to document information in the literature review. Four of these sources should be research reports published in academic journals or published ethnographies. Students are encouraged to use members of the business communities for at least two of the remaining four sources.
3.     The paper should have a cover page in the front that includes the title of the paper, the course number, title and your name.
4.     The literature review itself should be six to eight pages, double spaced, and typed in a regular12-point font size. The literature review should begin with an introduction that identifies the selected country’s (countries’) Asian business system(s) you have chosen and why you think it is important to study its (their) business systems. This introduction should be no more than 1½ page in length. The rest of the literature review should contain a logically organized and detailed report from the available literature that answers six to twelve of the questions listed in Part B.
5.     At the end of the literature review, include a “works cited” or “reference” section that lists the full references for the citations used in the literature review. Include only those references that are actually cited.

Part B: Suggested Research Report Questions

1.     What are some of the major comparative management models?
2.     What are the significance of the Guanxi dynamics and network building for the selected Asian country’s business management system?
3.     How do you access the role of culture in the development of its business management system?
4.     Can you compare the two major differences between two types of Asian management systems (i.e. Chinese vs. Japanese, or your selected business system of one Asian country vs. another one of your choice) approaches to build connection networks?
5.     How do you evaluate the deal-making skills of your selected Asian country?  Are they uniquely (i.e. Chinese?) or can they be transplanted to other Asian business groups?
6.     Compare the functions of a business presidents club of a keiretsu with that of a chairman’s office in a chaebol?
7.     What is the unique relationship between shareholders and professional managers in the selected Asian country’s companies that give the managers a competitive advantage?
8.     What are the advantages and disadvantages of lifetime employment and seniority-based promotion?
9.     Can you discuss the decision-making style of your selected Asian country vs that of another?
10.     Please compare and contrast your selected Asian country and U.S. or another Asian country in terms of their business organization structures, managerial processes and competitive strategies.
11.     Do you believe that Asian companies should transform themselves in the model of the US?
12.     What are the major similarities and differences among the Asian management systems?

Note: this is not a comprehensive list. Many important questions could be investigated about a specific country’s business management practice you have chosen. You may use other questions if they are relevant with your research study.

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