Posted: April 23rd, 2016

would you recommend that the company manufacture thermostats or buy them from the outside source?

Parsons Plumbing & Heating manufactures thermostats that it uses in several of its products. Management is considering whether to continue manufacturing the thermostats or to buy them from an outside source. The following information is available:

1. The company needs 80,000 thermostats per year. Thermostats can be purchased from an outside supplier at a cost of $6 per unit.

2. The cost of manufacturing thermostats is $7.50 per unit, computed as follows:

Direct materials $ 156,000
Direct labor 132,000
Manufacturing overhead:
Variable 168,000
Fixed 144,000


Total manufacturing costs $ 600,000


Cost per unit ($600,000 ÷ 80,000 units) $ 7.50


3. Discontinuing the manufacture of the thermostats will eliminate all of the direct materials and direct labor costs but will eliminate only 60 percent of the variable overhead costs.

4. If the thermostats are purchased from an outside source, certain machinery used in the production process would no longer have to be leased. Accordingly, $9,200 of fixed overhead costs could be avoided. No other reductions will result from discontinuing production of the thermostats.

a. Prepare a schedule to determine the incremental cost or benefit of buying thermostats from the outside supplier. On the basis of this schedule, would you recommend that the company manufacture thermostats or buy them from the outside source? (Amounts to be deducted should be indicated with a minus sign. Omit the “$” sign in your response.)

Make the
Thermostats Buy the
Thermostats Incremental
Manufacturing costs for 80,000 thermostats:
(Click to select)Notes payableRent payableDirect laborDirect materialsAccounts payable $ $
(Click to select)Notes payableSalesDirect laborDirect materialDepreciation expense
Manufacturing overhead:
(Click to select)CashDepreciation expenseVariableSalesAccounts receivable $
(Click to select)Depreciation expenseFixedSalesAccounts receivableCash
(Click to select)Rent payableInterest expenseCommon stockCost to salesCost to purchase

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