Posted: April 3rd, 2015



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For your pre-writing exercise for Paper 3, you should write a proposal of at least 500 words that includes the following: 1) The question about Tono-Bungay that you will be trying to answer in researching for Paper 3. Refer back to your notes from October 2nd on the types of questions that one can ask about literature. 2) A discussion of how your question is significant for our understanding of Tono-Bungay. In other words, how will your research contribute to our understanding of this novel? 3) An overview of the passages from Tono-Bungay that you plan to analyze in your essay. 4) A discussion of what types of secondary sources you plan to look for. Reflect on the types of sources that might be helpful for your paper and that you will try to find in your research. The Book’s website.

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