Posted: June 22nd, 2015

How has American influence, power, prosperity and stature been impacted as a result of World War II?

This project is to be a 25 page research paper capstone project. The paper is broken down within 6 different modules in this class. The requirements of each part of the paper are broken down in the attached documents titled �Written Assignment 1-6 Instructions�. The request is for all these separate assignments of work to be compiled together in one submission following the below and attached guidance closely.

I have submitted a rough draft of �Written Assignment 1� for your review. This is intended to be a guide for the intended topic of which the final product needs to adhere to. The sources and information cited are not expected to be used going forward but the question and sub-questions need to remain close to what is provided as well as the general tone and direction as presented in the sample rough draft. Please note this paper is required to be submitted to for review. Strict APA formatting, proper grammar and punctuation needs to be used throughout this project. If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to reach out to me in regards to this project. Thanks in advance for your services.

Per mentor feedback to date:

Several more sources of information need to be cited.

Within the problem statement the research needs to be phrased in terms of a central question.

Within the overview of methodology section more elaboration on academically respected sources is expected along with more specific information on the sub questions I�m seeking to answer.

Within the delimitations portion time limitations need to be spoken to.

Many more terms will need to be added within the definition of terms portion.

Overall product will need to compare the U.S. to Russia and China for comparison purposes and specifically comment on the status of the U.S. in this current decade.

Sample Question and Sub Questions used for Assignment 1

World War II

How has American influence, power, prosperity and stature been impacted as a result of World War II?
� How has the U.S. economy developed and benefited following the events of WWII?
� What impacts have the events of WWII had upon U.S. Military might?
� What changes have been witnessed in the stature and influence of the U.S. worldwide as result of WWII?

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