Posted: April 5th, 2015

Personal Action Plan 2

Personal Action Plan 2

Project description
Personal Action Plan (PAP) Guidelines

Each student will develop and share a personal action plan for change. This PAP should address the many things you have learned over the course of the semester about yourself, others, and society. Personal Action Plans should:

? Be action oriented (Goal with objectives)
? Identify changes the student can make to improve the social situation in the students community, work place, or university
? Demonstrate critical thinking
? Reflect course material
? Be no more than 2 page in length
? Follow APA formatting style


? Identification of a diversity issue (s) to address with your PAP
? Area of society (i.e. community, workplace, high school, group of friends, etc.) you want to impact with your PAP
? Personal reflection on the issue (How does this issue affect you?)
? Proposed changes (Identify at least three action oriented objectives)
? Reflect on course material (Textbook and Workbook)
? Proper use of terminology seen in class

* See Glossary in Textbook
* As a suggestion, you can use the Model for appreciating diversity (p.97-104) within your textbook.

This is my books

Diversity connecting college to life. by Aaron Thompson and Joseph B. Cuseo

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