Posted: September 6th, 2015

Outline of Proposed Analytical Report.

For this assignment, you will write an outline, along with some other brief explanations, for the plan for your analytical report.
For your outline, you will submit the following items:
• statement of the problem — This section should be stating the problem you are addressing.
• purpose and scope of the work — This section should be one paragraph explaining why you have conducted your analysis. You will state why you think the problem you are addressing needs to be addressed.
• decision-maker or group of decision-makers– This section will identify the individual or individuals to whom you are directing the report.
• sources and methods of data collection — This section should be one paragraph explaining how you went about gathering data. You might mention interviews you conducted, searches you conducted in OneSearch, or other methods of information gathering you used.
• preliminary outline — This section should use Roman numerals to outline, even roughly, the plan for the report. You might have, for example, Roman number I, with A, B, and C under it; Roman number II, with A, B, and C under it, and Roman numeral III with A, B, and C under it. Overall, you should not need more than three or four Roman numerals. Again, this can even be a fairly rough outline.

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