Posted: September 22nd, 2015

Organisation Development

Organisation Development

Identify, describe and critically analyse an organisational development project that your organisation has recently undergone, or is currently undertaking.
In your 3000 word report, please discuss the following:
1. The nature and scope of the OD project that your organisation has recently undergone
2. How the focus, method and process of the OD intervention was chosen
3. The role of senior management in the intervention, as well as other organisational staffing levels
4. The extent to which the organisation has fostered an environment (culture and climate) conducive for change
5. The application of theoretical models chosen for organisational development improvement
6. How the organisation development project plans to select, collect and make appropriate use of data at both the diagnostic stages and as a means of monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes
7. How effectively the OD intervention is being planned, monitored and controlled for both short-term and long-term implementation, and how benefit realisation is to be monitored
8. The most appropriate people to sustain internal organisational development over the longer period, including the role of HR

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