Posted: February 25th, 2016

Operations audit at Farmac Plc case study

ead the case study about Farmac Plc on the following pages, and answer using relevant conceptual frameworks, these questions. The assignment submission should be in report format, as an audit of Farmac Plc’s operations.

Questions / Marks Allocation

1 Classify the previous and current operations of Farmac Plc’s manufacturing using the 4V model. Discuss the major differences. (15 marks)

2 Classify the operations of the manufacturing plant in terms of: process type, and process layout. (10 marks)

3 Explain the “production policy” and the factors of Capacity used at Farmac Plc. (20 marks)

4 Discuss the management of materials at Farmac Plc. (10 marks)

5 Identify and discuss aspects of the operations activities which Farmac Plc needs to review and/or will need to adapt to meet the on-going demands of its customers. (35 marks)

Ten (10) marks are allocated to the quality of the report, including: (reporting structure, ease of accessibility, and appropriate referencing).

Write your answer in report format (maximum 3000 words).(Cover page, Contents page, Introduction etc. References; Note – an Executive Summary is not required)

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