Posted: March 8th, 2015

Further interpretation and explanation of the results based on your literature review regarding the physiological demands

Nutrition for Health Sport and Exercise

For the re-assessment you need to complete a case study on a different person. They can however have the same health condition or play the same sport as you previously identified.

Use the feedback from your original report to help develop your academic skills. Remember to use the following subheadings to help structure your work.

Introduction (Make sure this is specifically linked to your case study):

  • Knowledge and understanding of the physiological responses to exercise and the potential mechanisms by which nutrition can influence exercise and sports performance.
    • Macronutrients
    • Energy balance


  • Knowledge and understanding of the health physiological aspects and the impact this has on nutritional needs
    • Macronutrients
    • Energy balance
  • Aim/Rationale for the case study

Description of the participant:

  • A critical analysis of the effects and nutritional demands imposed on the participant
  • Relevant lifestyle, training information (if relevant) and goals of the participant
  • Are there any nutritional issues?
  • Nutritional/performance goals?
  • Energy, macronutrient and fluid requirements of the participant (why is nutrition so important for them?)

Methods (of data collection and analysis):

  • How did you collect your background data? E.g. Interview, 24 hour vs. diet history (include as an appendix)
  • What was the aim of collecting this information?
  • What sections did this include?
  • How did you collect your nutrition data? E.g. diet diary (with critical analysis i.e. advantages/disadvantages of this method)
  • What other methods could you have used? Why did you not use them?
  • Diet quality tool (can include in appendix, but need to refer to it in main text).
  • Dietary analysis software programme i.e. NetWISP
  • Detail information that was inputted
  • Outline method of estimating nutritional requirements

Results (of the analyses using an appropriate range of graphs, charts etc.):

  • Use an appropriate range of tables, graphs, charts etc.
  • Compare recommended to actual intakes
  • Rest vs. Training vs. Competition days
  • Weekday vs. weekend
  • A small paragraph referring to your tables and figures and what you see (only basic interpretation, do not attempt to discuss your findings in the results section).
  • Can use appendices if necessary
  • You need to consider energy intake, macro-nutrients, fluid intake and any micro-nutrients of relevance.

Discussion of the findings and recommendations:

  • Further interpretation and explanation of the results based on your literature review regarding the physiological demands
  • Discuss whether energy intakes match requirements
  • Discuss macronutrients in relation to their functions
  • Appropriateness of supplements/ergogenic aids
  • What nutritional strategies would you advise to enhance nutritional status
  • Use of appendices for menu plan
  • Anticipated outcomes of your recommendations for the participant
  • Discuss limitations of your study


  • Outline of key findings


  • Address all relevant referencing in your report


  • Additional outputs and support material
  • Diet quality assessment tool
  • 4 day food diary
  • Menu plan


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