Posted: August 9th, 2016

What is the new standard mean?

Training Content, Part 1
Expanding on the outline created in Module 2, develop the content for the first half of the training program as it will be presented to trainees. In the outline, youidentified the most important things managers will need to know about employment law. In this part of the project, you will explain those things in greater detail so that new managers can better understand their role in human resource practice and workplace compliance with employment laws.
This component of the project will likely take the form of a Power Point presentation, although other delivery methods may be considered. Whatever medium is used, it should allow for a sufficient amount of detail about each subtopic and key point. For example, the slides in a Power Point presentation might contain concise bullet points, while elaboration of those key points is provided in the notes section below each slide (in normal view, but not visible in slideshow mode). Alternatively, audio recordings can be added to the presentation so that trainees may view it in slideshow mode and hear the trainer elaborate on the key points in each slide. Be sure to cite sources and provide references for trainees to seek further information.

Case Study
Write a 2 page original case study in which you present a scenario (related to some aspect of employment law) for trainees to analyze. The scenario may be hypothetical, or based on actual events or circumstances (so long as the names of individuals and companies are changed to protect privacy and confidentiality). The case study should provide sufficient background information and factual details so that trainees can apply knowledge gained from the training as they analyze the scenario and formulate solutions or recommendations. The written case study should include 4 5 questions to stimulate critical thinking and discussion about the scenario and relevant concepts.

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