Posted: June 1st, 2016

NatureCare Products is based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia and commenced business in 1996 manufacturing and retailing eco-friendly, high quality beauty skin care products.

Complete the following activities:
2. Use the information from your report to develop a Marketing Plan using the template provided by your assessor. Notes in the Marketing Plan will assist you to input the information required.
3. Develop the Marketing Plan and send it to the CEO via email.
4. When you have complete your Marketing Plan send it to the CEO and management team (your assessor). In the email invite the CEO and management team to a meeting where you will present the Marketing Plan.
5. Present your Marketing Plan at the meeting with the CEO and management team. Your assessor will organise at least 2 other students to play the role of the management team and to listen to your presentation and ask questions and provide input.
6. AT the meeting, you will need to explain each part of the Marketing Plan and seek input and feedback

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