Posted: March 22nd, 2017

What mode of communication did they use to respond: text, phone, email, another letter, or in person?


This project assignments consists of two parts.

Part 1 – Due in Week 1

Think of someone you know and like and for whom you can obtain their home address. This person can be a relative, friend, co-worker but not someone in this class. The goal of this project is not simply to write a letter; it’s to write a letter to someone that you would normally communicate using other communication methods (e.g., text, phone, email.) You are looking for any differences in their reaction and to comment about that experience. Using paper and a pen write this person a letter. The content of the letter is your choice. The letter is to be hand-written, without the benefit of technology. Now address and stamp the letter and put it in the mail. This portion of the project is ungraded but must be completed by the end of Week 1.

Part 2 – Due in Week 7

In this portion of the project you will complete a paper (minimum of 3 pages) including the following:

Your Letter (Section 1) Describe your experience with the letter you sent in Week 1.

What was the reaction/response of your letter’s recipient to receiving a letter in the mail? How did you obtain your recipients address? Did you know it, have it in an address book, or did you call or text them and ask for it? How long after receiving the letter did the recipient respond to you? Did they even open and read the letter before responding? What mode of communication did they use to respond: text, phone, email, another letter, or in person? How long did it take your letter to reach its recipient? If you did not receive a reply to your letter reflect on possible reasons for the non-reply and how it made you feel. Letters in History (Section 2) Much of history is documented through letters exchanged between confidants.

Find a minimum of two historical incidents documented through letters. (Ask your instructor for suggestions if you have trouble finding these.) Describe how history may be reinterpreted if these letters had not been found. Letters in Your Career (Section 3) How will this assignment assist you in communication in your future career?

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