Posted: January 10th, 2017

Who was Metternich? What was his opinion about nationalism and liberalism? Why was he an advocate of conservatism? What were some examples of his conservative beliefs

  1. Who was Metternich?  What was his opinion about nationalism and liberalism?  Why was he an advocate of conservatism?  What were some examples of his conservative beliefs?


  1. What was the balance of power established by the Congress of Vienna?  What role did France play in maintaining it?  What role did Prussia and Russia play?


  1. What was the Concert of Europe?  How did it handle the political instability during the 1820’s?  Give examples.


  1. What was the situation in France in 1830?  Who benefited from Louis Philippe’s leadership? What changes occurred as a result of the revolutions in the early 1830s?


  1. Why was Britain able to prevent major political outrage during the 1830s and 1840s?  Provide examples of how their government dealt with the needs of the people?


  1. What were the major events of the revolution of 1848 in France?  Germany? Austria? Italy?  In what ways were the revolutionaries successful?  How and why did they fail?  Why were the events of 1848 not as “revolutionary” as the French Revolution in the 1790s?


  1. Who was Bismarck and what was his role in the unification of the German state?  How did he use realpolitik as a means to bring the German people to rally around a common flag, under Prussian leadership?


What is Volkism?  Why was it appealing to the German speaking population of Europe?  Why were the Jews targeted as enemies of the people?  What political purpose did this serve for the nation’s leaders?

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