Posted: September 9th, 2015

Mental health.

choose (3) of the following questions to answer and reply to one other post.
• Briefly outline the five part model for problem identification using cognitive behavioural therapy and discuss how it might be applied in paramedic practice.
• Outline the steps in de-escalation and discuss how this technique works in practice. Include literature that discusses how it is applied in paramedic practice.
• Why do extrapyramidal effects occur and describe how antipsychotics function in the body. In your answer consider literature that discusses drug interactions (e.g. antipsychotics and midazolam) with commonly used out-of-hospital drug treatments.
• Describe the common adverse effects of antidepressants and how they work in the body. Discuss the efficacy (how well antidepressants work) of antidepressants and why a duel approach with psychological therapies appears to have better outcomes.
• Describe the key characteristics of generalised anxiety disorder versus post-traumatic stress disorder and how might your approach be different in the pre-hospital setting (link to literature that describes approaches and care of both these disorders).
Describe the difference between mania and hypomania in bipolar disorder and discuss the use of early warning signs to predict episodes of mania.

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