Posted: January 7th, 2016

measure level of stress between male and female and using Saliva cortisol sample laboratory-based and questionnaire-based in same day.

Elements of the proposal and how they will be marked
 Concise and conveys the essence of the research question

Lay summary (no more than 150 words not included in the overall 2000-word limit; 10% of marks):
o A description of the research you propose, how you will do it, and why it is important, written in non-technical language (no references should be included in this section, as everything you write here will be formally laid out in your main proposal)
Note: The exact proportion of the word count to be devoted to each of the following sections will vary according to the content of each proposal; the figures given below are a rough guide.
Background (≈ 40% = 800 words, 35% of marks):
 Set out clearly the background to your research proposal o Explain the significance of your specific research area in relation to fundamental questions in basic biosciences and/or human health  Summarise any prior research related to the specific question that you propose to investigate  Identify an area of controversy or uncertainty in which your proposal will add to existing knowledge, or a need for exploration of an entirely novel aspect o i.e., justify the research question which your proposal will address  Identify relevant gaps in knowledge and/or limitations of previous work, including any limitations of earlier study designs or statistical analyses  Should be extensively referenced

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