Posted: May 24th, 2016

Marketing, psychology and group identification

The topic is about the challenges in marketing NGO and a theoretical point of view of how a the psychological point of view, a social development project and contemporary marketing techniques can help improve or change communities reactions and actions towards such organization by starting from a basic psychological level.
Testing the theories of marketing and NGO.
Outline should include:
1) different and balanced view between NGOs and commercial Enterprises
2) Identify the challenges in NGO marketing (lack of motivation, identification, profit .. etc)
3) Theoretical Point of view of group psychology (group formation, motivation, attachment, development and involvement)
4) break it down to individual vs. Social properties
5) Nostalgia marketing: would it work? why and how?
6) Group Identification (Example international students) — I will upload a proposal of the Social Dev NGO I am planning to start. (VERY confidential)
7) Identify NGO’s Market Split (big recognized like UN or small scale ones with less resources and more outcome)

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