Posted: August 6th, 2015

Lung Cancer treatments

Lung Cancer treatments

Create a Summary report about Lung Cancer treatments

• Create a captivating heading . You may use images to
create a captivating title of your Pharmacology Summary.

Introduction – Either;
• Provide an history of the existing drug or drug group
and the benefits for patient outcomes
– Include the mechanisms of action here
• Provide a synopsis of the disease for which the new drug
(that does not have a history of its own) will now benefit

Provide an in-depth analysis of why the new information is significant
– This will vary depending on what the significant issue is;
– Either released as a new drug
– An existing drug released for a new indication
– Changes to doses for sensitive members of the population
that have only now been realised are at an increased risk
of damage
– Changes to the warning profiles of the drug
• Reflect on the importance of ongoing clinical trials and post-marketing
surveillance with registered drugs if applicable.
• If your drug uses a new mechanism of action – compare it to what has
treated the disease before – and why is the new drug potentially better
(on its own or in conjunction with existing therapies)
Please use recent and new date referencing must be various of 20 references.
And referencing style must be Vancouver (I have attached the style)
Other file is the new drugs for lung cancer

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