Posted: July 12th, 2016

Are there any lease transactions reported on the Statement of Cash Flows?

In 1998, Google, Inc., was a small research project at Stanford University. Later that year it became a tiny start-up company. The number of people who use Google’s services every day is now in the hundreds of millions. Using the instructions below, access Google’s 2008 Annual Report, and discuss these questions:

1. Are there any lease transactions reported on the Statement of Cash Flows? If so, how?

2. Read Management’s Discussion and Analysis of Results of Operations and Financial Condition and explain managements view of Google’s current and future lease position.

•Go to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) home page.
•Select the “Search Edgar for Company Filings” button
•Enter Google in the Company Name field. You do not need to enter any other information into any other field.
•Scroll down and click the Find Companies button.
•Click CIK 0001288776 Google Inc. This will generate a complete list of Google’s filings with the SEC.
•Scroll down until you find the Annual Report to Security Holders with a filing date of 2012-05-10. This is Google’s 2011 Annual Report.
•Click the Documents button for this item. To display the annual report, select the Scanned paper document by clicking scanned.pdf.

Your tutorial is 186 words plus two pages from the 2011 10-K showing the actual comments about leases for Google. The 2011 Google 10K is attached as a reference.

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