Posted: September 20th, 2015

Learning Theory Application Reading in Elementary School.

You will write a scholarly paper based on best instructional practices. Frame your paper so that you are focused on a specific context (chose Elementary Reading) so that you are able to generate ideas for application as your write your paper. This paper should be written from a K-3 teacher perspective and examples based on best practices for this age group. Please write this from a lower elementary (K-3) perspective.
Within this paper you will address the following areas (please remember to stay focused on your chosen context)My chosen content in Elementary K-3 Reading.
Describe your context (k-3/Reading, Title 1/low income school)
How learning occurs
Include a concise description that addresses the relevance of the learning theorists discussed in the course (theorists provided within this explanation) to your beliefs about effective learning for your context. Identify those theorists that best align with your beliefs about learning and focus on those.

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