Posted: August 6th, 2015


Write a report explaining following – LEADING THROUGH DIFFICULT TIMES –and its implications for the kind of leadership that they will need to develop in order to ensure successful leadership. You should provide recommendations for leadership as a process and refer to the interrelationships that exist providing commentary on the area of negotiation and incorporate gender, ethics or cultural diversity into your response.
focus points
(I)RELEVANT LEADERSHIP THEORIES & negotiations, ethics
i.Identify major challenges facing organisations in the contemporary world.

ii.‘’ relevant leadership & insightful application
demonstrate systematic understanding of leadership theory and its relevance to contemporary businesses.
devise and sustain arguments in relation to contemporary issues in leadership and negation, including gender, ethics and cultural diversity.
Demonstrate coherent and detailed knowledge informed by current research of key leadership theories approaches to leadership theories approaches to leadership and negotiation in diverse contexts.
Describe and comment on challenges faced by leaders in contemporary business.


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