Posted: July 22nd, 2015

key features of Samsung’s operations management

Samsung has been widely acknowledged as a very successful ‘late starter’ in the consumer electronics and smart phone industries. On the basis of your own research, and referring to the learning materials you’ve been provided, you will be identifying and analysing key features of Samsung’s operations management.

In the form of an essay, answer the following prompts:
1. Identify the key product streams of Samsung and the value they add to their customers.
2. Analyse the design and nature of Samsung’s operations:
a) What are the key processes that are evident?
b) Are the key processes you’ve identified performed in-house or outsourced?
c) How are competitive priorities handled?
3. Which process strategies (as proposed by Hayes & Wheelright’s Product-Process mix discussed in the Johansson & Olhager reading in Week 5) would be most suitable and why?

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