Posted: May 27th, 2015

JP Morgan Chase Case Analysis

JP Morgan Chase Case Analysis


Individual Case Analysis (Oral Presentation Scheduled) – (30%)

The first paper will be an individual case analysis from the textbook, which will be assigned by the instructor.  The student’s written report must be turned in during the class period in which it is presented.  The format we will use for case analysis is adapted from the staff communications used in federal government agencies and other large organizations (see pages 3-4 of the packet).

The Case Analysis will begin with an executive summary that is at least a half a page long, but no longer than one page. The purpose of the executive summary is to brief a busy upper-level decision-maker.  It must stand alone, so that it could be used independently of the staff analysis, which follows in the analysis.   It must give a clear picture of the problem in a nutshell, with a cogent recommendation. A recommendation of some kind must be made.  Waffling is not acceptable.  If you cannot decide what to do, at least describe the additional information you would need to make a recommendation. The executive summary will have three basic components:

1.     Statement of the challenge
2.    Brief description of the main considerations, and
3.    Recommended Resolution

Next in your package is an analysis which builds on the executive summary with a more thorough discussion.  This portion is aimed at the decision-makers’ aides. It should explain the logic of your recommendations and fill in the background on the points made in the executive summary.  Since the audience of executive aides would not at all be familiar with them, avoid using business jargon and technical business terms unless you give a plain language explanation along with them.  When you invoke the paradigms and principles of business, they must make sense on their own.  In other words, you must convince the decision-maker and his/her aides that you have found the root of a problem that requires their attention and that your recommendation is the best alternative for solving the problem.

Each case analysis will be examined and presented based on the following format:

1.    Mission/Vision Statement
2.    Brief resume of significant events
3.    External Analysis
4.    Industry Analysis
5.    Internal Analysis
6.    Future Assumptions
7.    Statement of Critical Challenges
8.    Strategic Objectives
9.    Strategic Alternatives (for each alternative):
a.     Compare advantages/disadvantages
b.     Risk/obstacles
10.    Resolution
11.    Implementation
A.  Required activities and their sequences
B.  Required resources (pro forma income/cash flow budgets for best alternative)
12.    Control

As you write the executive summary and analysis, remember that the intended audience works for the company you are advising.  They will already be familiar with the basic facts about the company.  Therefore, you should carefully avoid rehashing the case. Instead, give them new insights to the situation, without simply repeating what they already know. Simply restating the case will reflect in your grade for the assignment.

You will be graded on your accuracy of identifying the true problem areas in the case, the efficacy of your recommendations, the soundness of your logic, and the quality of your expression.  Needless to say, your analysis must reflect not only a sound grasp of business theory, but also a well-conceived application.  This case assignment is due in class on the assigned case date at the beginning of the class when requested by the instructor.  No late cases will be accepted.

Please take note of the following:

1.    No late work is accepted.  Papers will be turned in on the due date when requested by the instructor.
2.    In this and the following descriptions of the required format for all written assignments, it is to be understood that one page contains about 250 words using 12 pt font (Times New Roman or Arial). Assignments are to be typed legibly on letter size bond paper with one and 1/2 spacing or double spacing, and with margins of one inch (top, bottom, and sides).  Improper format will be penalized one letter grade.
3.    Extra length is not a virtue (anything over five pages for the individual case analysis and anything over three pages for the strategic alternative analysis), but can actually detract from the usefulness of your work.  Remember MORE IS LESS. Excessive length will be penalized one letter grade.
4.    All charts, graphs, and exhibits must be included in an Appendix.  The Appendix will be placed directly after the written analysis.  There is no limit to the number of exhibits that you may be included in the appendix.
5.    All sources of information used in your analysis must be cited using either the MLA or APA format and will be included on a Works Cited page after the appendix.
6.    Please note that no assignments accepted by E-Mail.

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