Posted: August 24th, 2015

Journal Activity

Week 3 :Find a brand related to your proposed business (take away restaurant) (ideally a likely competitor) and perform a marketing brand analysis of it:


Report the business name, the product or service;
Report on the design elements of this brand including visual representation, brand usage and methods of promotion;
Comment on the success or failure of this brand to support the business’s positioning in the market. (Perform a Competitive Analysis)

Week 4 :What communication strengths and weaknesses do you currently have?

As a future manager, what communication skills suit the culture of the business and your role in that business?

What communication techniques will you actively practice to improve your management style?

Week 5: What are the benefits and drawbacks of working solely with an external design consultancy, or exclusively with an in house design team? And with a combination of both internal and external design specialists?
Each week please write around 250 words. This is a journal analysis only. Thank you.



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