Posted: September 13th, 2015

Job description.

Jay Mistake was upset with himself. As G.M. of a 700 room property with two ballrooms that can host a party up to 1,000 people, he should have known that a hotel’s physical plant doesn’t take care of itself.

It all started 11 months ago when the hotels director of engineering accepted a promotion within the company at a larger facility in another state. Jay decided to forgo finding a new director of engineering and just rely on the current assistant director of operations. Jay figured if all went well the hotel could save on payroll. The director of engineering position added $98,000 with benefits to the payroll.

At first the plan was working. Tim scheduled engineering department staff to cover their shifts, the day to day work orders got completed, maintenance calls got answered and the facilities day to day maintenance was completed.

But as time went on other concerns started to surface. It began with the hotel’s controller complaining that invoices were not making their way up to accounting consistently. Time and time again invoices were being sent up in bunches and sometimes were too late to take advantage of discounts. In addition to that invoices from one month were being sent a month or two late. This threw the month budgets off. Another oversight by Tim was not sending any capital expenditures up to Jay to add to request for capital improvements. In the past the director of operations always had always sent a list of items along with estimated cost and reasons for the improvements. Guest satisfaction scores started to move downward. Constant areas of complaint were rooms being too hot and a lack of hot water in guest rooms during peak times.

Recently the City Inspector stopped by to look at the hotels elevators. The inspector found that the elevators had not been serviced and the inspection certificate had expired. This resulted in a fine and the hotel having to get the elevators inspected last minute which cost the facility more money than it had in the past. Jay was staring to realize that a competent director of engineering was necessary. What brought the situation to light was that a fire broke out in the kitchen, caused by the hood system not being cleaned by the service company that had maintained the system. When the fire broke out the dry chemical suppression system engaged and caused a course white powder to drop onto the kitchen equipment. The kitchen had to be shut down for the day. There was a banquet scheduled for that night that had to be cancelled. Come to find out the hood system had not been cleaned because the service contract, that engineering supervised, had lapsed and was not renewed. The fire department also found that the fire alarm system had not been inspected so they levied an additional fine and gave the hotel 30 days to comply.

Jay now knew he needed to hire a director of engineering. When Jay went to the HR department to find a Job Description for the position he found that one had never been written.

Based on the above, answer the following questions.

Where would you go to gather information to place on a job description for the director of engineering position
What staff members or departments would you sit down with to help write a job description? Who would you include in the interview process?
Write a job description for the director of engineering position. List at the most 10 items.
What questions or advice could you of requested from the past director of engineering before he left.

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