Posted: April 2nd, 2015

Internationalization of SmuttyNose Beer Brewing Company.

Internationalization of SmuttyNose Beer Brewing Company.

Company Address: 105 Towle Farm Road – Hampton, NH.
Project Description:  A comprehensive business/feasibility analysis for Smuttynose’s international ventures.
Regions the Company is to Internationalize into:  Singapore

Main Areas of Research
Funding: research on funding opportunities the company may have to internationalize.
Regulations:  Students will research about home and host country regulations, specifically with a focus on the Food Industry.
Distribution (and logistics):  Students will research distribution channels and other distribution related home and host country factors.

You should write it like that starting  with

1- Executive summery
2- Introduction
3- Objective
4- Methodology
5- Expatriate community
6-Drinking culture
Some  resource
CIA the world fact book
Index of freedom

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