Posted: September 21st, 2015

Integrated Project Delivery (a model of risk management) for Integrated Project Delivery at Autodesk.

Prepare a written report for a Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Integrated Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc. Your group report should center on analyzing the engagement called “Integrated Project Delivery”, a new model of risk management, inter-firm teamwork, and multi-objective optimization in building projects. Read the case as well as many relevant references as you can to find and use those to justify your argument. Do not simply repackage a single portrayal of a case. Make a compelling case for your evaluations, assessments, recommendations, and conclusions. Based on the above analysis, highlight the lessons learned from the project: What are the major areas of strength? Where are the opportunities for improvement and how could it have been better managed from risk management’s perspectives? Specifically, please organize the report that includes these 2 categories.

1. How was IPD defined for this project? In particular, what do you think about its risk management model, joint management structure, and compensation strategy?

2. What are the strengths and limitations of technology-enabled IPD?

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