Posted: December 14th, 2015

Integrated Programming in the Early Years

Assessment 1

This is in the form of an essay (1500 words).

Write a rationale on the use of inquiry learning in the context of integrated programming, as a way of catering for the needs of learners in the 21st century. Discuss how children learn and the knowledge and skills children need for today and the future, and develop links between current curriculum documents and offering an integrated program.

Students should cover three key points:

  • The rationale behind integrating your program
  • A discussion and critique on three established models for inquiry learning.

The models are:

  1. Murdoch: (May use other resources)

Murdoch, K. (2007). A basic overview of the integrated inquiry planning model. Retrieved from

Murdoch, K. (2010). An overview of the integrated inquiry planning model. Retrieved from

Kath Murdoch website

  1. 5E’s: (Must use this link)



  1. Wilson & Wing: (May use other resources)

Wilson, J., & Wing Jan, L. (2003). Focus on inquiry: A practical approach to integrated curriculum planning. Carlton: Curriculum Corporation.


  • The importance of catering for the needs of contemporary learners for example, ESL students, diversity and gifted and talented students

Link/make reference in your rationale to the following:

  • Your philosophy of teaching (provided)
  • You must make reference to the provided curriculum documents – ACARA Foundation level (cross-curriculum priorities, general capabilities, student diversity) and the National Quality Framework (Early Years Learning Framework, National Quality Standard)

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