Posted: December 18th, 2015

Initial pharmacological management of spinal cord compression

Create a guide to outline the initial pharmacological management of spinal cord compression




Imagine you are a Medicines Information Pharmacist at Bigtown Royal Infirmary. You are asked to prepare an information bulletin for prescribers or healthcare professionals in Primary and/or Secondary Care on the topic assigned to you.


This assignment must be presented professionally and

consist of two single- sided pages of A4, and use Font 12

Arial. The style should match NHS bulletins (an example of how this assignment should be like, please see the other attachment, this is an example of how this task should look like and be, use the same layout as the example ie:/ 3 margins each page like a newspaper layout. Also could you use the same referencing style as the example which is Vancouver as well as the way it is presented, please look at the second attachment for this).

Be clear and concise in order to fit your material into the allowed space.


Imagine you are a doctor or pharmacist reading this – is it useful? That is our over-riding marking criteria.




It is appropriate to quote references in your document, as in a real bulletin, for key papers referred to, verbatim quotes, or essential further reading. Make sure your references are reputable and appropriate to doctors and pharmacists to read as a guide: do not cite Wikipedia or patient websites. Quote journals rather than on-line sources if available.


Any references cited in the text should follow the Vancouver convention.


AVOIDING PLAGIARISM read this please:


Every year there are a number of students who deliberately or inadvertently commit plagiarism and receive “0” as a result. Some students then fail the module because they have insufficient coursework marks.
The copying of text from other sources is considered a serious offence and will be referred to the School Investigatory Panel. Any plagiarism is obvious when submitted via Turnitin.


Example 1

This is not plagiarism, because it is clear that the sentence has been quoted and the source is clearly referenced:

As detailed in the NICE angina guideline in 2011,

“Optimal drug treatment consists of one or two anti-anginal drugs as necessary plus drugs for secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease.”

  1. Stable angina. NICE Clinical Guideline CG126 2011- Quick reference guide Management of hypertension in adults in primary care. NICE Clinical Guideline CG127 August 2011 – Quick reference guide


Example 2

This is an example of plagiarism from Turnitin as seen by the marker.
Even though referenced, the words are not those of the student. Referencing a claim does not protect you from plagiarism if the words are not your own and this was not a quotation.

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