Posted: May 18th, 2015

Industry Report #2

Industry Report #2

It is very important to stay informed of the major trends in the television industries. This semester, you submit TWO short papers of TWO page long, double-spaced reports on a set of articles from publications that focus on television and video industries. For each report, you are to read three different articles focusing on a single subject, to summarize them in the first page, and to give your professional (not personal ranting)reaction/opinion/prediction in the second page. The articles have to be on a contemporary issue(that is, less than three months old) in video production field(broadcast, cable, and webcasting). For example, one report could be on a series of articles about which media conglomerate is buying which (and why). Industry magazines are easily accessible main library in the periodical section (i.e. Broadcasting & Cable and Variety). You may also find interesting stories in the business and entertainment sections of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Students have to have citations following a certain style (APA, Chicago, etc).

*Be sure to research three articles from the past 90 days.
*Need more of personal opinion at the end.

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