Posted: December 17th, 2015

Industry Analysis: Tourism in Greece

You work for a leading Business Consulting Firm and part of your brief is to provide your firm with an update on the “state of play” for a specific industry in a specific location in Europe.
You are to write a report providing an analysis of the general and task environment of this tourism industry in Greece, which it operates in the European Union (E.U.)

You are to use any of the tools with which you are familiar (e.g. PESTEL, Porters Five Forces, SWOT or others) to analyse both the general (including international) and task environments in which this industry operates. The tools or combination of tools that you use for the analysis is your choice and may be based upon what you deem as appropriate for the industry and location you are investigating.

Please Note: For notes ( PAGE 4 ) and 2 readings (ATTACHED) to help you better understand the use of these tools of analysis and the general and task environment

The report needs to give the reader a brief sense of what has transpired in this industry historically, but more importantly what is the ‘state of play’ at present and what does the future hold for this industry in this location. Ultimately, the report needs to address the question of whether this industry has a future in this location.

Therefore, key insights into the future of this industry (whether positive or negative) in this location will need to be explained.

The report should also provide recommendations in terms of the strategic direction this industry needs to adopt going forward if it is to have a sustainable and viable future in this location, if that is indeed what your investigation and analysis has revealed. If your analysis reveals that there is no longer a viable future for this industry in this location what are the recommendations for firms presently operating in this industry in this location. A solid justification based on your research and analysis needs to underpin your recommendations.

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