Posted: August 29th, 2016

The most important reason for branding is to make a product?

Factors of production
a are not the same in different economies
b are only two in free enterprise economies
c include land and labor
d steel mills
8 Relative demand elasticity is high for
a healthcare
b food in general
c hot dogs
d Pepsi and Coke
9 If real income has risen from $4 trillion to $4.2 trillion and the price level went up
by 10 percent, by how much has the nominal income risen?
a $440 billion
b $400 billion
c $360 billion
d none of the above
10 Tax and spend is
a a classical economics concept in nature
b a Keynesian concept in nature
c primarily an emphasis on free enterprise economy
d a little used area of monetary policy
11 The supply curve represents a relationship between
a the producer and the market
b the suppliers and the firm
c price of a product and its production quantity
d produced goods and the economy as a whole
12 When oranges are plentiful as a result of a good growing season, what happens to the market price of oranges?
a It goes up.
b It goes down.
c It widely fluctuates
d None of the above
13 The most important reason for branding is to make a product
a more appealing to the consumer
b relatively more demand elastic
c distinguishable from competing products only
d relatively demand inelastic

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