Posted: May 19th, 2015

Imperialism: Race and Empire Chapter 26

Imperialism:  Race and Empire Chapter 26

USE this book to answer the questions

Crossroads and Cultures, Volume II: Since 1300: A History of the World’s Peoples.

Author: Bonnie G. Smith, Marc Van De Mieroop, Richard von Glahn, Kris Lane

Quiz #2:  Imperialism:  Race and Empire Chapter 26
Use the textbook to answer the following questions. Do not use outside sources.

1.    What motivated imperialism and how did conquering nations justify it?

2.    Use the map on p. 862 to list major territories that the Western powers, Russia, and Japan     annexed and/or colonized in Asia.

3.    Why did Indians establish the Indian National Congress in 1885?

4.    Describe the competition between and goals of the British and Russians in Central Asia.

5.    Describe the actions and impact of the British and the French in North Africa.

6.    Use the map on p. 866 to list the major territories that the European powers annexed     and/or colonized in Africa.

7.    Look at the picture on p. 872. Why might some locals in Saigon have welcomed this     hotel, built in the French style? Why might some have objected?

8.    Look at the maps on pp. 874-75. Why did millions migrate between 1800-1910? Where     did Chinese migrants go? Indians? Europeans? European Jews?

9.    Which two countries did Japan defeat in war? Why did colonized peoples greet Japan’s     victories with enthusiasm?

10.    Explain the reasons, outcomes, and impact of one of the following resistance movements:      the Boxer Rebellion or the Young Turks movement.

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