Posted: July 11th, 2015

Image Analysis


Blood Song: A Silent Ballad by Eric Drooker

– Examine the role of a single image from the novel.
– Use a specific image as a basis for the essay. You may pick any image from the text to work with, be it a single image, a reoccurring one, for example fish skeletons in the Blood Song.

– once the image is selected, closely examine how it is used within the book and think about what significance the image holds and/or what it might represent in relation to the story as a whole. You might choose motif, symbol, theme, character, plot, point of view, or settings. If the image is repeating, consider the different ways and contexts in which it is used across the book.

– The essay must be conducted a close reading of the text, through chosen image; craft a clear, specific thesis statement; and use direct evidence from the story to support your claim ( while avoiding simply retelling the story or summarizing the text). It cannot be consulted or use any outside sources for analysis. Instead. focus on what is in the story and your own analysis and interpretation of your selected image’s role in it
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