Posted: August 6th, 2015

Identify MARKET BARRIERS and OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS For ( The Ultimate Directional MEMS Microphone ) Technology

This will be for a quick look report on a technology and your task is to Identify MARKET BARRIERS and OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS for this technology.

Technology is: The Ultimate Directional MEMS Microphone (

Put the below important points into consideration:

One of the most telling sections of a quicklook report is the barriers to entry and the opportunities in the marketplace. The barriers to entry often determine the fate of the technology. Barriers can be bumps in the road or brick walls. Market barriers may be the size of the market is too small for entry, the market is dominated by a few entrenched companies, or the cost of entry is high.

Technology barriers may be costs of testing the technology to the market’s satisfaction, competitive technologies, or inability to retrofit the technology into existing equipment.

It is important to back up stated barriers with data in the body of the report either in the form of market feedback or market statistics. Without that backup a statement of a market barrier seems arbitrary. ( Please put this into consideration and it’s very important I see numbers/statistics. Thanks!

Often during the course of research specific market opportunities drivers will be uncovered. This may be a potential licensee or customer that was contacted for market feedback. It may be knowledge of a way around a barrier that was discovered during research, perhaps testing facilities or partners.

You can find out more about the The Ultimate Directional MEMS Microphone technology from the links below:

More info on the product from the company Silicon Audio:

Writer, please lay more emphasis on the POTENTIAL BARRIERS TO MARKET ENTRY FOR THIS TECHNOLOGY and OPPORTUNITY DRIVERS FOR MARKET ENTRY and not writing too much about the technology itself. Putting this out in bullet points like that of the quick look example 1 uploaded with my order will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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