Posted: January 25th, 2017

Identify internal and external stakeholders of Bizzy-Mart and explain risk management issues that may be related to them

Bizzy-Mart is a petrol/service station located in Chatswood on Sydney’s North Shore. Bizzy-Mart Chatswood is a company-owned franchise store of Bizzy-Mart Australia Pty Ltd. The Chatswood store has a total of 10 employees; including the Store Manager, Store Supervisor, two (2) full-time employees, three (3) part-time employees who all work a minimum of 20 hours per week and three (3) casual employees who are rostered on a weekly basis depending on the amount of work each week. Bizzy-Mart petrol stations are located in all states of Australia. All Bizzy-Mart stores are in metropolitan areas only. BizzyMart has a head office located in Frenchs Forest (NSW). Bizzy-Mart Chatswood has a busy drive-way where customers fill up their petrol and then walk to the store to finalise their purchase. All full-time and part-time employees are trained in safety procedures to be aware of when outside of the shop and on the busy petrol-pump drive area. There are warning signs displayed for customers. Shane Dangerfield is the Store Manager of Chatswood and has been employed with Bizzy-Mart across various store locations for almost 8 years. Shane is highly respected by all employees and has an easy-going management style. Shane communicates to his employees that when the work is getting done and customer service maintained, he will not trouble staff. Shane expects all full-time and part-time staff will be cooperative in getting involved with all the various tasks such as; lifting (moving stock), sales, delivery control and customer services support. Suzie Bigwell is an OHS Specialist that works at the head office and designs the Policies and Procedures for the nationwide Bizzy-Mart stores. Suzie is also responsible for following up any workplace incidents and all OHS concerns nationwide. Bizzy-Mart purchase Mobil brand of petrol at reasonable prices and are required to advertise this fact to all customers. Bizzy-Mart cannot operate their business in a way that reduces consumer opinion of Mobil petrol. Bizzy-Mart competes in a highly competitive industry with some of the largest global petrol companies in the world. Petrol prices are high and consumers are continually complaining. However, Bizzy-Mart does not make large profits on the sale of petrol; their profits are largely generated from the sales of products in-store. It is interesting to note thatConsidering the information provided in the case study above: (a) Evaluate and critique the Bizzy-Mart “Workplace Safety Policy and Procedure”. (b) Identify internal and external stakeholders of Bizzy-Mart and explain risk management issues that may be related to them. **Do not think of risk management only in terms of OHS – consider other forms of risk also in your answer. (c) Write a clear and detailed review of the strengths and weaknesses to justify how Bizzy-Mart have structured their organisational-wide risk management factors. (d) Explain legislation that is applicable to Bizzy-Mart (such as OHS duty of care, legislation relevant to BizzyMart operations or operation as a business entity) or national standards that may apply to addressing risk factors. (e) Write an analysis of nine (9) critical success factors for Bizzy-Mart Chatswood store, or the organisation nationally.

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