Posted: September 9th, 2015

How the RN develops a plan to meet the comfort needs of all patients

Using the assigned readings, information from the literature, and the following guest editorial (Lin, C. (2010). Comfort: A value forgotten in nursing. Cancer Nursing, 33(6), 409-410.) compose a response to the following:

The author suggests that over the last few decades comfort care has been more closely associated with end of life.

Is this so or should comfort care be a “substantive need in all aspects of life” as the author proposes?

Consider physical, psycho/social/spiritual, and environmental areas of discomfort.

Are all comforts needs the same?

How does the RN develop a plan to meet the comfort needs of all patients?

Is it sensible to consider “comfort” as a core of nursing care to be carried out by the RN?

Can care of discomfort be delegated? Should it be?


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